Feta Boats

Feta Boats is a snack I made up myself. What you need are, tomatoes, feta and olive oil. What you do is: Pre heat oven or toaster oven to medium heat. Wash a tomato then cut it into wedges. Sprinkle feta pieces on top. Pour a small amount of olive oil on top. And place…

Summer Shorts

These shorts are AWESOME for summer. Most of you have probably seen these and have them but for those of you who don’t you should really try it!!

Side Braid

A side braid is a hairstyle I made up. To make it you take all the hair to one side of the head. Do a regular braid just on the side of the head.


On this part if the blog I will be talking about healthy food choices. I will also be talking about, fun recipes, healthy food companies, and whether something is healthy or not. Like in one of our blog posts, Is Chocolate Milk Healthy? I hope you enjoy our blog!

Spring Clothes

I am going to tell you about clothes you can wear in the spring or Summer. I hope this is helpful because Spring can be a very unpredictable month of hot and cold. You can wear this shirt whenever though if you like in a very hot climate that never gets cold. Animal clothing is…

The Swirly Bun

This is a bun I made up my self. I call it the swirly bun. You make it by taking all the hair and twisting it till you get to the tips of the hair. then you start twisting it around in a swirl at the top of the head. Then you have The Swirly…


Fashion is all around us. It is how we look and What we wear. In this half our blog we talk about fashion tips, things to wear, and nice ways to put your hair.

Is Chocolate Milk Good For You?

No, chocolate milk is not good for you. It has 22 grams of sugar which isn’t that bad. But still a lot of sugar for a child in one small carton of chocolate milk. Plain milk as 12 grams of sugar which is good for you unlike chocolate milk. Plus chocolate milk cost more than plain milk. In fact it’s almost only with breakfast when kids have plain milk. Here’s a tip for any food with ingredients: The less ingredients the healthier.

About Us

Clothes and Cookies is a blog about fashion and food. In the fashion side of the blog you will see lots of fashion! {See post called fashion for more info} In the food side of the blog there are lots of food! We will tell you about food and if it is healthy and how you can make it healthy. We hope you like our blog!!