Happy Fall!

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Real Simple

Real Simple is a really awesome website! It has a BUNCH of recipes you have probably heard of it. It doesn’t just have a website though, it also has youtube video! This summer I used a sugar cookie recipe from them, and the next time I make cookies I am going to use that recipe….

Fall! Also New Blog Posts Named Forward

This is a new type of blog post I will be doing called Forward it has a bunch of thing you should look forward to if you are looking through the blog for another forward posts the will be called something! Forward. Fall is SUCH a NICE SEASON! I just LOVE  the BEAUTIFUL colors of…


Hi! I am going to talk about styrofoam plates, cups, trays, ect. They are VERY bad for the world. Once a piece of styrofoam comes in to the world it is very hard to get it out, pretty much impossible. A place to start improvement, would be school cafeterias. Most schools use styrofoam trays. One…

It is Getting Cold

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Old Fashioned

This might be my last polypore post if you don’t start liking my other posts. So please do!!   Old Fashioned by sylvie5127 featuring mens backpacks Adidas trainers farfetch.com Diamond jewellery truefacet.com Rains mens backpack $100 – surfstitch.com Home decor chairish.com

Pusheen or Hello Kitty

Hi!!! I am taking a survey of who likes hello kitty better and who likes pushed better. Whichever one you like better you will say in the comments. Please participate it would be a lot of help!