Hi! I am going to talk about styrofoam plates, cups, trays, ect. They are VERY bad for the world. Once a piece of styrofoam comes in to the world it is very hard to get it out, pretty much impossible. A place to start improvement, would be school cafeterias. Most schools use styrofoam trays. One way to improve is to bring such from home, but that is not possible for EVERYONE. A more possible way would be to make a petition or letter for and to your school, to start using reusable trays. OF COURSE  I know what you are thinking! How in the world is the school going to clean all those lunch trays in one night. Well, that is one problem. Unfortunately this sulution is very difficult for the one who will have to clean the trays, but it still improves the enviorment. I hope you like this idea!





















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  1. This idea is VERY good for the earth!


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